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Marble Maze

Marble Maze was my first project I made in the Unity game engine. Its just a simple game where you control a marble and the goal of the game is to get through all ten levels and collect all the tokens without falling off the platforms.

I currently only develop games for a hobby under the name Hallow Games, but would like to possibly do it for a living in the future. I mainly work with the Unity engine and make games that I find enjoyable. For the most updated info on my current game projects, you can follow me on Twitter (@HallowGames) or check out my website at www.hallowgames.com.

Install instructions

If you download other files, you have to extract the .RAR files and the way you start it changes depending on the platform. On Windows you click the .exe file. On Mac you click the .app folder.


Marble Maze 0.2.0 Windows
Marble Maze 0.2.0 Mac
Marble Maze 0.2.0 Linux